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Who am I?

My name is Rhea,

This is how I've created 

 value through  targeted 

media buying and

achieved data-driven results 

for small & medium businesses


Two months ago, I hit a roadblock. My progress in digital advertising reached a standstill. I was constantly faced with one question - what more can I do for my clients?


In order to find a satisfactory answer, I’ve been going through blogs, Udemy courses, Reddit threads, Facebook groups, etc looking for at the very least some sort of direction if not an answer. However, the more I searched or read online, the more repetitive the information got. I was moving in circles, and if you've been there, you're familiar with the frustration. 

I recently came across CXL and their mini degree courses and that’s made me hopeful. I’m hoping these courses are what will open new doors for me, and if you're someone that resonates with this brief, then I hope it opens new doors for you as well. 

The Ad Hatter
is a blog of
about creating, growing, and optimizing ads.

With over 2 years of Digital Advertising experience, you can be sure you're in good hands. I'm trained in setting up complex conversion funnels across all digital marketing platforms to ensure you get maximum conversions/leads at the lowest investment.

I've gained experience in a wide range of sectors such as automotive, beauty products, event spaces, medical solutions, F&B, children's products, insect screens, and more, under various agencies from India, the USA, the UK, and the Philippines.

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